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What We Do

About us

Witness Kicks motto is “More Than Shoes.” We distribute shoes to anyone and everyone we can, but it is much more than a pair of shoes. We provide love and a relationship with the Schools and Individuals we “Kick.” We partner with Schools’ P.E. and Athletic programs to help establish a Team Witness Kicks mentality which our main focus is Joy and Love. We insure that each recipient knows that they matter and to keep their hearts humble in pursuing their own personal dreams whether that be a Future NBA player, a Future Business man, or just their daily walk. Over 20% of the World doesn’t own a single pair of shoes, but what percentage feels empty because they have never been told they Matter and their dreams can come true? Witness Kicks is trying to propel anyone and everyone we can in their daily walk.

Witness Kicks started out as trying to help out just one individual a month. This quickly became obtainable and we changed the goal to reaching 1,000 individuals the first year. We exceeded this goal by providing 1,400 people with a pair of shoes in the first year. Our goal for this year is 3,000 kicks. WE BELIEVE this can be reached and we are going out with full force to see how many we can impact, right here in our own back yard, as well as all over the World.

First Year Goal 1,400 Kicks

This Years Goal 3,000 Kicks

Share the Love of Christ One Shoe at a Time.

Why we do?

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Witness Kicks exists to plant the see of God’s word and spark a flame of His joy in the hearts of anyone and everyone we can, one pair of shoes at a time.

Plant the Seed

We use shoes to plant the see of His Word. Romans 10:13 says “Everyone who calls on the name of The Lord Will be saved.” This is what we believe and everything we do revolves around the Bible Verse Romans 10:13-15.

Spark the Flame

It doesn’t matter who you are, when you put on a new pair of shoes you get a good feeling. The shoes provide an instant pick me up. Thats the flame of His Joy we are trying to spark. Think about it, Have you ever put on a new pair of shoes and not smiled? Now think about how 20% of the World doesn’t own a pair and the countless number that can’t afford a new pair of shoes.

Feel the Joy

We not only feel good when we personally put on a new pair of shoes, but how do we feel when we know we provided that same Joy to someone else? It is tenfold seeing someone else light up knowing you helped provide that joy.

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9 W. Pulaski St., Shawnee, OK 74804, USA

+1 (903) 815-8743



+1 (903) 815-8743

9 W. Pulaski St.
Shawnee, OK 74804, USA